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Week 2: Dare to Dream

This week, we were challenged to write about our goals and dreams for TpT.  When you first start selling on TeachersPayTeachers, you have to pay a $60 yearly fee to become a premium seller.  At the beginning, I didn't even think I would make back that money in a year.  To my surprise, I made over $60 my first month selling!  At that point, I knew I wanted to get serious about creating products to share with other teachers on TpT.  So here are my top three goals for the next few years:

Since I started selling in October 2013, we have used almost all of the TpT earnings to pay off student loans.  We are starting to make a dent in our loans, but for the next few years we will continue to pay off student loans as much as possible.  For our future plans, once we pay off a majority of our student loans, we can't wait to start a family.  Lastly, Destry (my husband) and I would always talk about how much we would LOVE to be able to go to Europe, although I'm sure it will be a little while before we reach that goal.  However, we never thought that would be possible before TpT! We thought we would be drowning in student debt for a long time, but after TpT we can now see a light at the end of the tunnel.  We are so thankful God provided this opportunity! 

Four awesome bloggers got together to create a TpT Seller Challenge to kick off the summer! You can click here to visit each of their blogs: Third in Hollywood, Sparkling in Second, Teach Create Motivate, and Peppy Zesty Teacherista.

To begin, I recorded my stats to track growth over the next four weeks.  Stay tuned for the end result!

For this fun kick-off, there will be a different challenge every week.  For the first week, we were challenged to completely make over a product or a product cover!  I looked through my products and found the oldest, ugliest looking product I could find! Here it is folks:

For Surface Area & Nets Practice, I have used the LearnZillion videos with my students for the past two years, and it works best when I create fill-in-the blank notes for my students to use with the video.  After I created the notes, I created worksheets to follow along with the lesson and the common core standards.  I completely made-over this product!  I added two more pages of notes to go along with a second video lesson.  I created two additional worksheet options for differentiation and included a new page of teacher directions.  And of course, I gave the product a whole new look with a brand new preview file!  Check out the product on TeachersPayTeachers by clicking on the image below.  I hope you like it!

Here's a final comparison of the Before and After.  I think the new cover makes a HUGE difference and I'm really happy with the results! I might even get motivated to make over a few other products :)

Here is a little preview of the product if you are thinking about purchasing.  Check it out!

I'll be posting another blog post for next week's challenge! Thanks for stopping by to check it out.